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Satisfy your appetite with our grilled kebabs, healthy salads, and  traditional appetizers. 
Make sure you leave some room for dessert, because there are lots of tasty pastries to choose from! 

Shish Kebab - Marinated Filet Mignon, charcoal grilled. Served with rice pilaf, salad, and bread.

Chicken Kebab - Marinated chicken breast,  charcoal grilled.  Served with rice pilaf, salad, and bread.

Luleh Kebab Sandwich - Armenian hamburger of ground  lamb and beef, charcoal grilled and specially seasoned.  Served ala carte.
Salads: Lentils with onion and sweet peppers in vinaigrette; taboulleh (cracked wheat & parsley); jajukh (cucumber and garlic in yogurt.)
Hummous-A dip made with chickpeas, taheen (sesame seed paste), fresh garlic, and lemon juice.
Yalanchi Sarma - Fresh grape leaf rolls stuffed with rice and seasoned with Armenian spices.
Boereg-Thin layers of fillo dough, brushed with butter and filled with cheese and parsley or spinach, and then baked golden brown.

Pakhlava-Thin layers of fillo dough filled with walnuts, cinnamon, and sugar.  Baked golden brown and topped with a sweet  syrup.

Bourma -Thinly-layered fillo dough, filled with walnuts and sugar, crinkle-rolled, baked golden brown, and topped with syrup.

Tel-Khadaif-Shredded pastry, layer-filled with walnuts or ricotta cheese, cinnamon, sugar.  Baked golden brown and topped with a sweet syrup.

Katah-Flaky homemade dough, shaped into large rounds of bread. Baked until golden brown.